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An opportunity for emerging writers to pitch their work to Grattan Street Press’s commissioning team!

Fake News Forensic; How I traced a piece of misinformation to its origin

By Lochlainn Heley In our roughly three decades of living with the internet, millennials and Gen-Z have had to rapidly develop strategies and tools to navigate various traps online. Scams and malware have always been a danger, but in the past decade misinformation has developed pervasive ways to seep…

Why my cat was my best friend

Claire Crawford reminisces on how important pets are, as we all know how much joy a furry friend can bring to our lives.

Killing the Fanfiction in Me

The stigma of fanfiction has always been entangled with its association with teenage girls. Luzelle Sotelo explains why she’s no longer ashamed of her formative days as a fanfiction writer.

BOOK REVIEW: Emotional Female by Yumiko Kadota

In 2019, over two years before the publication of her book Emotional Female, Yumiko Kadota wrote a blog post titled ‘The ugly side of becoming a surgeon’. It’s a piece that hurts the moment it begins, with Kadota lamenting that she must ‘surrender…[her] dream of becoming a surgeon.’


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