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  • BOOK REVIEW: Emotional Female by Yumiko Kadota
    In 2019, over two years before the publication of her book Emotional Female, Yumiko Kadota wrote a blog post titled ‘The ugly side of becoming a surgeon’. It’s a piece that hurts the moment it begins, with Kadota lamenting that she must ‘surrender…[her] dream of becoming a surgeon.’
  • D&Z; The Future of Dungeons and Dragons
    Millennials and Gen Z are some of the most active players in today’s tabletop gaming culture. Sophie Breeze discusses what this means for D&D today.
  • Writers Taking Control: How Authors are Making Themselves Known to Their Readers
    In a click-bait culture where traditional marketing can be hit and miss, authors can have a hard time finding the right space and marketing tactics for their work. As a result, some authors have turned to their own forms of marketing on social media.
  • Wordle is a Bite of Respite for Millennials
    Why did Wordle explode in popularity as we moved from 2021 to 2022? Fiona Wallace explores why millennials have become addicted to the game.

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Books and blogs don’t publish themselves. Here’s the ace team for Semester 1, 2022.

Letter from the New Editors

Hello readers!

Welcome to a new season at Grattan Street Press! Before we get started, here’s a little more about us – the editors.

Georgia (she/her) is this semester’s publishing blog editor and website editor. She is in her final year of a Master of Publishing and Communications, has worked as a freelance copywriter and editor and had poetry published in Cordite Poetry Review. She enjoys binge-reading with tea, all things crafting, and bushwalks with her cat (don’t worry, she’s on a lead and thinks she’s a dog).

Aislinge (she/her) is co-editor of the MZ blog this semester and is in her second year of the Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing. She runs an Instagram account and blog about books and loves tea, her cat and playing tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons. 

Andrea (she/her) is the second co-editor of the MZ blog this semester and is in her final year of her Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing. She is a singer, a certified cat lady, and the host of the podcast Digital Dragon.

Fiona (she/her) is the lead copyeditor for Grattan Street Press this semester. She is completing her final year of a Master of Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing and works part-time as a speech pathologist. Fiona enjoys pairing passionate discussions about words with red wine, reading feminist texts and Elizabethan embroidery (which entails more unpicking than needlework). 

Between the four of us, we hope to bring you relevant and interesting content this semester as we endeavour to keep uncovering unique perspectives!

Georgia, Aislinge, Andrea and Fiona

Our Colonial Australian Popular Fiction Series

About the blogs

The GSP Publishing Blog is the home of all things related to the publishing industry. The blog covers a wide range of issues and opinions in the publishing sphere and whether you’re an industry professional, writer or student, we’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences.

MZ is the home for writing by and for Millennials and Gen Z. It is a space for us to discuss, explore and celebrate our experiences, the diversity and the uniqueness of what makes us stand out from everybody else.

Our blogs are here to help uncover and showcase new voices. We’re here to listen and give you a voice so that you’re able to speak up about the problems we know the world is facing right now. If you’re eager to talk about social activism, cultural differences, or just simply about a niche topic you’ve become weirdly obsessed about, please reach out to us!

Not sure what to write? You can click here to see our prompt lists and here once you are ready to submit your work!

Continuing issues in publishing

Undeniably, COVID-19 took a huge toll on creative industries and the ability to publicise and share art. With the inability to host any in-person events or meetings, collaborative work suffered (not to mention our mental health while we were all stuck at home). But as they say, art (and that includes writing!) is healing, so we anticipate a boom in publishing news this coming year.

Luckily, the internet was blissfully safe from the pandemic. As GSP itself begins its transition back to face-to-face work, we hope that the rest of our readers will also be a little bit less screen fatigued and a little bit more prepared for our upcoming blog posts!


Intermissions by Grattan Street Press

Intermissions is an anthology of over 60 original short stories, exploring the complexity of the human condition.

The collection brings together musings on love and loss, experimentation, isolation, suffering, intimacy and connection, environmental collapse and the Anthropocene.

Carefully curated by Grattan Street Press, this eclectic selection of stories from both Australian and international writers is haunting, uplifting, moving and absurd. We invite you to traverse its
pages to discover the diversity of voices reflective of an ever-changing world.

Buy Now

This Is Us Now: Love in the time of cancer

This is Us Now cover image

This Is Us Now by Jacinta Dietrich, released in 2021, has been one of our most sold books. The story follows two young people navigating a relationship in the most extraordinary circumstances.

Ella and Theo’s relationship is young and evolving and so are they. Their lives are going mostly to plan until a sudden cancer diagnosis changes everything. Nerves about meeting each other’s parents and living together turn to anxieties about survival. Easy becomes hard. Hard becomes impossible. Their lives cannot remain the same and now every moment is coloured by illness and the challenges that come with it.

They’re faced with the hardest decision: when you feel like you are losing someone you love, do you hold on or do you let go forever?

Get your copy here.

Discover: Melbourne and Mars

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on Mars? 

Grattan Street Press’s new sci-fi release Melbourne and Mars: My Mysterious Life on Two Planets tells the story of an unassuming colonial merchant who finds himself living a parallel life on Mars. The Red Planet has a lot in common with colonial Melbourne, it turns out. Except that ‘Martials’ are smaller and more beautiful than ‘Earthborns’, and they thrive in an altruistic socialist utopia of abundance and technological marvels. 

Originally published in 1889, Melbourne and Mars is Book 5 in GSP’s Colonial Australian Popular Fiction series. The creation of a Melbourne phrenologist and amateur philosopher, Joseph Fraser, it is a fascinating early example of Australian science fiction that is a novel of ideas as well as action. It imagines a world without money, social disadvantage or crime, where free education, electricity and everyday comforts are provided to all. 

Here is a philosophical and spiritual adventure which poses many fascinating parallels to questions faced by society today – including the meaning of gender equality, humanity’s relationship with nature, and the role of scientific achievement.

Melbourne and Mars, released on June 17, 2020, is available from the GSP online shop and independent bookstores. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates about author events.