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This Is Us Now book launch!

Grattan Street Press is excited to announce the launch of our latest book, This is Us Now, by Jacinta Dietrich. Join us on Zoom on Thursday 17 June at 6pm, to help celebrate this wonderful literary debut.

This is Us Now is the story of a young couple coming to terms with a devastating cancer diagnosis. The novel will be launched by Associate Professor Beth Driscoll, well-known publishing and literary scholar and author. Jacinta will read an extract.

Tickets are free, but registration is essential, so jump on to Eventbrite and grab a ticket. Special deal: While you’re there you can also preorder your copy with free postage.


We’re looking for posts for the GSP publishing blog and MZ, our blog for Millennial and Gen Z writers.

Watch our video below, and find out more about submitting a pitch here!


Hello readers! I (Marina, she/her) am this season’s website and GSP blog editor. I’ve dabbled in editorial and writing work, but my main focus now is running Amplify Bookstore while completing my Master’s in Publishing and Communications.

There are also two co-editors running the MZ blog, a space dedicated to writing by Millennial and Generation Z writers. Austin (he/him) is thrilled to be one of the MZ co-editors! He is obsessed with Pink Floyd, terrible films, historical documentaries, and anything science fiction. Jing Xuan Teo (she/her) was born & raised in Singapore, and is a writer, editor, and co-founder of Amplify. You’ll most likely find her frantically cooking up Singaporean dishes to remind herself of her heritage.

Between the three of us, we hope to bring you relevant and interesting blog posts this semester as we endeavour to keep uncovering unique perspectives. We’ll also be fostering discussion about the role of publishing in highlighting global issues and exploring the themes of the fantastic GSP books!

About the blogs

The blogs are a continuation of GSP’s mission to uncover and showcase new or previously unheard Australian voices. The publishing blog exists as a space for writers to discuss current issues in the publishing industry, while MZ allows discussions about wider society as they pertain to Millennials and Gen Z.

If my English Literature degree taught me anything, it’s that knowing more around the subject of a book only serves to enhance your reading experience. Both blogs will also be revamped with a newly clarified purpose in this direction and help our readers understand the vision of GSP as a press.

Continuing issues in publishing

Undeniably, COVID-19 took a huge toll on creative industries and the ability to publicise and share art. With the inability to host any in-person events or meetings, collaborative work suffered (not to mention our mental health while we were all stuck at home). But as they say, art (and that includes writing!) is healing, so we anticipate a boom in publishing news this coming year.

Luckily, the internet was blissfully safe from the pandemic. As GSP itself begins its transition back to face-to-face work, we hope that the rest of our readers will also be a little bit less screen fatigued and a little bit more prepared for our upcoming blog posts!

Mer – book 2 in the Grattan Street Shorts series: OUT NOW!

Grattan Street Press is pleased to announce the release of Mer, the newest Grattan Street Short. This innovative collection of short stories by Samantha Amy Mansell unsettles traditional mermaid mythology – beyond gender, beyond beauty, beyond romance.

Mer is set in an ominous underwater world marred by environmental destruction. The merfolk have ruled their watery domain for untold years, but humans threaten it with deadly danger. Stranded and alone, Odel haunts an abandoned lake. Ondine drags her prey to a graveyard of their own making. Unzel pursues a threatening boat. Nothing left to lose, the merfolk will do whatever it takes to defend their home – no matter who gets in their way.

Seth Robinson’s action adventure novel Welcome to Bellevue now available in print

Grattan Street Press is proud to announce that the gripping fantasy novel Welcome to Bellevue, previously available only as an eBook, has been released in paperback.

Written by first-time author Seth Robinson, the novel tells the story of Harry as he wakes on a ferry with no memory of how he arrived there. The boat is bound for Bellevue, a place he has never heard of. When he goes ashore with plans to catch the next boat out, his attempts to leave are thwarted.

This compelling fantasy action and adventure novel is a perfect escapist read and is suitable for both YA and adult readers. Listen to the first chapter here.

Discover: Melbourne and Mars

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on Mars? 

Grattan Street Press’s new sci-fi release Melbourne and Mars: My Mysterious Life on Two Planets tells the story of an unassuming colonial merchant who finds himself living a parallel life on Mars. The Red Planet has a lot in common with colonial Melbourne, it turns out. Except that ‘Martials’ are smaller and more beautiful than ‘Earthborns’, and they thrive in an altruistic socialist utopia of abundance and technological marvels. 

Originally published in 1889, Melbourne and Mars is Book 5 in GSP’s Colonial Australian Popular Fiction series. The creation of a Melbourne phrenologist and amateur philosopher, Joseph Fraser, it is a fascinating early example of Australian science fiction that is a novel of ideas as well as action. It imagines a world without money, social disadvantage or crime, where free education, electricity and everyday comforts are provided to all. 

Here is a philosophical and spiritual adventure which poses many fascinating parallels to questions faced by society today – including the meaning of gender equality, humanity’s relationship with nature, and the role of scientific achievement.

Melbourne and Mars, released on June 17, 2020, is available from the GSP online shop and independent bookstores. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates about author events.

Publishing blog: from the archives

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    Growing Up Disabled in Australia is a collection of true stories edited by writer and disability activist Carly Findlay. This compilation consists of non-fiction accounts from more than forty writers, including Paralympian Isis Holt, Senator Jordon Steele-John, Todd Winther, Eliza Hull and Patrick Gunsekera (among others), who discuss their experiences of growing with disabilities or chronic illnesses in Australia.
  • Diagnosis: Bandwagon Syndrome
    By Taylor Hay In 2012, it seemed as though you couldn’t walk past a bookshop without seeing one cover in particular – a shiny bright blue paperback with clouds on it. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Needless to say, it was a big deal. The book (TFIOS) was wildly successful, and people … Continue reading Diagnosis: Bandwagon Syndrome
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  • BOOK REVIEW: Smart Ovens for Lonely People by Elizabeth Tan
    Smart Ovens for Lonely People is an anthology of 20 short stories. Published in June 2020, it is Elizabeth Tan’s second book. This is a contemporary work that draws from trends, issues and themes in today’s society, including the growing global discussion of the sensory phenomenon known as ASMR, of suicide and of technologically utopian futures. However, each story – some seemingly frivolous and random – work as a commentary on a deeper level.
  • Why Being a Woman in 2021 is Exhausting
    Jamisyn Gleeson discusses women’s rights, #notallmen, and why being a woman in 2021 is exhausting.
  • Chatting About Our Latest Book with Author Jacinta Dietrich
    With the publication date for This is Us Now coming up fast, the GSP editorial team sat down with first-time author Jacinta Dietrich to ask her about her creative process and the inspiration behind her stunning debut.