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Seth Robinson’s action adventure novel Welcome to Bellevue now available in print

Grattan Street Press is proud to announce that the gripping fantasy novel Welcome to Bellevue, previously available only as an eBook, has been released in paperback.

Written by first-time author Seth Robinson, the novel tells the story of Harry as he wakes on a ferry with no memory of how he arrived there. The boat is bound for Bellevue, a place he has never heard of. When he goes ashore with plans to catch the next boat out, his attempts to leave are thwarted.

This compelling fantasy action and adventure novel is the perfect escapist read for the last weeks of lockdown and is suitable for both YA and adult readers.

You can listen to the first chapter here.

Mer, the latest book by Grattan Street Press

We are excited to announce the next instalment of our Grattan Street Shorts series, Mer. Written by Melbourne University alum, Samantha Mansell. The book made its debut appearance on our blog as a single story simply titled The Deep. Stay tuned for further announcements on the availability of Mer.

The current grows stronger, the ocean hungry for revenge…

Set in an ominous underwater world marred by human destruction, the stories in Mer unsettle traditional mermaid mythology – beyond gender, beyond beauty, beyond romance. 

Merfolk have ruled their watery domain for untold years, but humans threaten it with deadly danger. Stranded and alone, Odel haunts an abandoned lake. Ondine drags her prey to a graveyard of their own making. Unzel pursues a threatening boat. Nothing left to lose, the merfolk will do whatever it takes to defend their home – no matter who gets in their way.

In her debut collection, Samantha Mansell weaves a series of evocative tales about vengeance, loss and the right to survive. Mer asks not what, but who, lurks in the deep.

Higher Education Award Finalists

Grattan Street Press is proud to announce we are finalists in the Learning Experience category of the Australian Financial Review‘s annual Higher Education awards.

Our entry is entitled ‘Learning book publishing in the hands-on way at the University of Melbourne’. Four university programs have been shortlisted in the category. The winner will be announced in Sydney on 18 November, at a public ceremony (remember those?)

Grattan Street Press is one of only a handful of teaching presses in existence, delivering hands-on learning experience of every aspect of the book publishing process to postgraduate students within timeframes and workflow routines mirroring industry conditions.

This will be the sixth annual AFR Higher Education Awards, which recognise the contributions of remarkable Australian institutions over the previous year.  

Fitzroy Writers Festival 2019

Discover: Melbourne and Mars

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on Mars? 

Grattan Street Press’s upcoming sci-fi release Melbourne and Mars: My Mysterious Life on Two Planets tells the story of an unassuming colonial merchant who finds himself living a parallel life on Mars. The Red Planet has a lot in common with colonial Melbourne, it turns out. Except that ‘Martials’ are smaller and more beautiful than ‘Earthborns’, and they thrive in an altruistic socialist utopia of abundance and technological marvels. 

Originally published in 1889, Melbourne and Mars is Book 5 in GSP’s Colonial Australian Popular Fiction series. The creation of a Melbourne phrenologist and amateur philosopher, Joseph Fraser, it is a fascinating early example of Australian science fiction that is a novel of ideas as well as action. It imagines a world without money, social disadvantage or crime, where free education, electricity and everyday comforts are provided to all. 

Here is a philosophical and spiritual adventure which poses many fascinating parallels to questions faced by society today – including the meaning of gender equality, humanity’s relationship with nature, and the role of scientific achievement.

Melbourne and Mars, released on June 17, 2020, is available from the GSP online shop and independent bookstores. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates about author events.

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