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Don’t miss out on our latest title Something To Be Tiptoed Around, a work of experimental memoir by Emma Marie Jones. Farrago‘s Abigail Fisher says: “Her writing is haunted, but it is also alive, young, electric, reinvigorating the legacies it invokes.”

If you want to read more about Emma and her book there’s a Q and A with her in our blog.

Melbourne Writers Festival 2018: Get Published


Sybil Nolan, Claire G Coleman, Robert J Watkins and Emma Marie Jones in session at Industry Insights: Get Published! 31 August 2018

Photo by Gladys Qin

Something To Be Tiptoed Around Book Launch

2018-08-16 19.09.40

Maria Tumarkin and author Emma Marie Jones at the launch of Something To Be Tiptoed Around,  16August 2018

Photo by Janice Lieng

Meet the grattanstreetpress.com Editors

Samantha and Lucy

As a teaching press, both our website editor, Samantha Mansell, and our Millennial’s editor, Lucy Mackey, are in their final semester of the Master of Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing.

Passionate about the publishing industry and keen to learn, building off the students who have come before they are excited to add their own flare to the website and blogs. As part of this they want to emphasise the student element of Grattan Street, by having more blog posts from others on the Press talking about what it’s like to have this opportunity to learn and grow, taking the skills they have learnt in their masters and putting them into practice.

They also, both having a passion for it, would love to publish more fiction to the blogs, creating a platform for their creative writing peers.

When not slaving away on WordPress or bent over a piece with a red marker, Samantha enjoys creating fictional worlds full of plot holes she can never mend and eating an inordinate amount of Nutella. Lucy likes cooking up cupcakes, and worlds that will kill you.