from where we began

Young boy standing at the top of a pier

A poem by Elsie Mellor


from where we began, i left

a thousand miles ablaze through

mountains and snow-cut rivers.

while the sun burned your back, i lay

where flowers closed in the night.

you were the month in which

rain kissed us clean.


we played to buckle the fall;

your fingers brighter than light

speeding the length of our lives

together. i bound the view from all

my star-crossed cities, tied to oceans

built to land,

blinded by you

i came


to bite the citrus of your lips.

our home born by books and migrant

dust expelled from the gentle stir

of our limbs, hanging in still sunlight,

were months regained in static seconds.


in one moment,

against the summer gleam and

the laughter of bodies, shifting

drinks and timid touch

i fell

beating in fragile flight

to the breath of your eyelids,

and how they surrendered, so slow.

outstretched, in all the comfort of that

night, you tasted sweet, like blood-orange

and blinding gold. you consumed

all light, forever


a separate midnight away, you pull

at the heart while mine remains,

a ghost pain




Elsie Mellor teaches piano and creative writing in Melbourne and has studied writing and publishing at RMIT and The University of Melbourne. Elsie has been a fiction writer for the online journal Feminartsy and has been featured in numerous university publications. She is currently penning her first novel.



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