Grattan Street Press (GSP) is a small publisher and teaching press based at the University of Melbourne. Launched in 2017, our goal is to uncover Australian voices by publishing a range of work, from contemporary literature and trade non-fiction to culturally valuable works that were previously out of print.

GSP is an initiative of the Publishing and Communications program in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. It is a not-for-profit organisation led by publishing professionals and staffed by graduate students who receive guidance and hands-on experience of every aspect of the publishing process.

We seek to build strong relationships with the Australian literary and publishing community, partnering with local bookstores and authors for events when we can, and community organisations to co-publish books that contribute to public knowledge and discussion.

Our books can be purchased here, through online stores, and at many independent bookshops.

Want to be a published author? GSP encourages emerging writers of literary fiction, non-fiction, novels, novellas, short stories, and experimental works to submit their writing for consideration.

Wondering about our logo? It’s an abstracted form of a paper sheet being fed through press rolls.



Akshaya Sajimon
Sales Manager

Ananya Prasad
Social Media Manager
Assistant Website Editor

Annie Kheo
Literary Reviews Editor

Bridget Schwerdt
Typesetter & Layout

Caroline Parkinson
Production Editor

Chloe Pigneguy
Copyeditor & Proofreader

Dimple Malhotra
Submissions & Commissioning Editor
MZ Blog Editor

Nicola Parigi
Website Manager
Publishing Blog Editor


Katherine Day (Semester 1)
Managing Editor

Matt Holden
Sales & Marketing

Susannah Bowen
Industry Associate
Sales & Marketing

Sybil Nolan (Semester 2)
Managing Editor