'Transition’, among many things, is the phase during childbirth where a woman’s cervix dilates fully to prepare for the baby’s descent into the birth canal and then the world. It is often said to be the most gruelling part of labour and is typically characterised as the time when the woman will say that she … Continue reading Transition

The Head

Introduction I wanted to use this piece to explore my experience of being an outsider in Australia and look at how a false sense of isolation from world issues can prevent a person from perceiving the real-life issues around them. I used Mags to represent an extremely America-centric view, and Mira to represent a more … Continue reading The Head

Always on Those Books: Millennial Taste in Fiction

Millennials are often characterised as a generation that can’t be bothered to get off their digital devices to read. But recent Pew Consumer reports indicate they might instead be the generation that reads the most—it just so happens that they read through their digital devices. Fiction and storytelling occupy a place of incredible importance to … Continue reading Always on Those Books: Millennial Taste in Fiction

This is why we can’t have nice things: Adventures in Tinderland

It’s already a bit of a curse going on a date with a publishing student. I’ve judged how grammatically correct your messages are, and now I might be writing about you. It sounds like a Taylor Swift song—it’s okay, I’m not writing this to take a stab at anyone—but, 'Look What You Made Me Do.' … Continue reading This is why we can’t have nice things: Adventures in Tinderland

The Deep

Far out in the ocean, where the water is blue as spidering veins, it is deep. So very deep, indeed, that no skyscraper could fathom the vast space from the glittering surface waters to the mysterious ocean’s floor, that no array of steel and windows could compare to the flawless gradient of periwinkle, azure, cobalt … Continue reading The Deep