BOOK REVIEW: No One is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood

American poet Patricia Lockwood’s debut fiction novel No One Is Talking About This discusses how we position ourselves in relation to the Internet. The novel’s protagonist is a woman who has become famous for an innocuous viral tweet—loosely inspired by Lockwood’s own participation in the forming of ‘weird Twitter’—which leads to her travelling the world, speaking as an authority on digital communication.

Environmental Sustainability in Publishing: the eBook vs. Print Debate

Environmental sustainability is fast becoming a key pillar in all industries as we rapidly decline our natural resources, and the publishing industry is no exception. I could give you statistics on the decline in rainfall and increase in extreme weather patterns, but it frames a rather morbid and parched read. However, with some research, I found the debate between paper and digital perfectly outlined the strides the publishing industry is making for environmental sustainability.