Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane

A Lament to Cherry

The owner of Melbourne’s soon-to-be erstwhile Cherry Bar is hard to miss: after all, he wears a big hat. (Indoors? Indoors.) Although one doesn’t really make out faces from any stage, anywhere–unless there aren’t any faces all, delivering you from the challenge–trademark silhouettes travel well, in spite of distance or dazzling lighting. Impossibly, some manner … Continue reading A Lament to Cherry

Person standing on a pier at sunset

The Head

Introduction I wanted to use this piece to explore my experience of being an outsider in Australia and look at how a false sense of isolation from world issues can prevent a person from perceiving the real-life issues around them. I used Mags to represent an extremely America-centric view, and Mira to represent a more … Continue reading The Head

Fear and (self)-loathing at the desktop: imposter syndrome in 2018

Late last year, I left my long-term job. My unemployment was initially self-imposed, deliberate—and blissful, oh so blissful! but soon exceeded its anticipated expiration date, pushing further into the year than planned. It was (and is—for I am still reeling) the closest I have come to economic hardship. But to appropriate poverty is misdirected and … Continue reading Fear and (self)-loathing at the desktop: imposter syndrome in 2018

Open and Shut

It was my fourth date with him—this funny, tall blond boy—and things were going shockingly well. As someone who’d essentially always been single, I was amazed (and mildly terrified) by how easily we clicked, how comfortable I felt around him from the get-go. Our first date, a Sunday afternoon show at the Malthouse, had led … Continue reading Open and Shut