Submission Guidelines

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Grattan Street Press aims to publish a range of work including contemporary literature and trade non-fiction. If you have something brilliant hiding in your desk drawer that doesn’t fit that bracket, don’t let that deter you.

When submitting long-form pieces or manuscripts, please include the following:

  • The first three chapters of your manuscript (or a maximum excerpt of 12,000 words)
  • A short summary of the complete work
  • A brief author CV

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GSP Blog Submission Guidelines

The GSP blog focuses on the experiences of writers, editors, journalists and publishers starting out in the industry. We aim to help air the voices to young and emerging writers and editors and are interested in hearing your thoughts on writing woes, publishing trends, and all other aspects of the publishing and literary communities. We also occasionally publish short works of fiction on the GSP blog.

We also have our popular MZ blog, which focuses on the experiences, ideas and visions of Millennials and Gen Z.

Work for our blogs should be approximately 500-2000 words. Please note that we are currently not accepting poetry submissions.

To read more about both blogs and to see our content suggestions, click here!

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Please note that because we are a teaching press, your submission will be discussed between academic publishing staff and publishing students. If you have any questions about pitching to us, or our process, please contact us at