Inside Story: The First Ten Years, edited by Peter Browne

Cover of Inside Story: The First Ten Years, edited by Peter Browne

Released in late 2018, Inside Story: The First Ten Years is a collection of current affairs and cultural essays and analysis affecting Australia and the world. While the news media is increasingly brief and stretched for time, the detailed and in-depth writings found in Inside Story are designed to provide insight through a wider political and historical context.

Edited by Peter Browne, Inside Story features commentary, reviews and essays from expert writers on the biggest changes in politics and society at large, from the very beginning of the subprime mortgage crisis, to the Victorian bushfires, to the start of Australia’s political turmoil and the fall of Kevin Rudd. was launched a decade ago as an independent voice to guide readers through what would become an exciting (and often turbulent) ten years. The articles chosen for this tenth anniversary edition strike a balance between the academic and journalistic traditions and reflect the diversity of an ever-changing Australian media landscape.

The collection features such writers as Sophie Black, Tom Griffiths, Maria Tumarkin and Andrew Leigh, and retails at $29.95. It represents a successful first ten years for this online magazine, which is now a fixture of Australian news media.

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