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Designed to showcase work that’s bold and experimental, or does not fit neatly into conventional formats. Grattan Street Shorts includes novellas, linked stories, collected micro-fiction, long essays, and creative nonfiction.

Something to Be Tiptoed Around

We’ve kicked off Grattan Street Shorts with Emma Marie Jones’s wonderful book, Something to Be Tiptoed Around, which is now available in our shop. Our resident expert tells us it’s an experimental autobiography, which sounds daunting, and hardly begins to describe the entrancing quality of the writing.

“When you are a writer and a sore little piece of yourself breaks off and crystallises, you name it and you write a world for it and it becomes a story…”

In this stunning experimental mix of memoir and fictocriticism, Emma Marie Jones unravels the sinuous complexities of grief, loss, memory and femininity. Drawing on elements of Greek mythology and literary theory in ways that are surprising and imaginative, Something To Be Tiptoed Around is both deeply affecting and utterly human.

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FORMAT: Paperback

SIZE: 203mm × 127mm

EXTENT: 104pp

ISBN (13): 9780987625304