The M Project was created to give a voice to a generation of young people who’d been misunderstood and disregarded simply for being a millennial. Stigma has surrounded that word for years, labelling us as lazy, technology obsessed and entitled among other things, even while we established ourselves as a culturally aware, technologically innovative and … Continue reading YOUNG ADULT-ISH: RETHINKING THE M WORD

Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane

A Lament to Cherry

The owner of Melbourne’s soon-to-be erstwhile Cherry Bar is hard to miss: after all, he wears a big hat. (Indoors? Indoors.) Although one doesn’t really make out faces from any stage, anywhere–unless there aren’t any faces all, delivering you from the challenge–trademark silhouettes travel well, in spite of distance or dazzling lighting. Impossibly, some manner … Continue reading A Lament to Cherry

Pregnant Woman


'Transition’, among many things, is the phase during childbirth where a woman’s cervix dilates fully to prepare for the baby’s descent into the birth canal and then the world. It is often said to be the most gruelling part of labour and is typically characterised as the time when the woman will say that she … Continue reading Transition