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The GSP Blogs are the home to emerging writers and editors who want their voices heard. Each blog is a dedicated space for writers to delve in and investigate their thoughts and the industry around them.

Find the exploration of the Millennial & Gen-Z experience on our MZ Blog. Our Publishing Blog houses all things books and publishing. Book reviews by wonderful deep thinkers can be found in Reviews Blog. We even publish short fiction online.

Contact any of our fabulous blog editors below to pitch and submit your blog work.

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  • Carla & Lochlainn (Website Editor and Producer)

The Publishing Blog

The Publishing Blog covers everything related to the publishing industry—large and small. Whether it’s the latest Bookstagram trend, the next big subgenre, or the future of the industry itself, we want to hear about it on the blog.

Is there an issue you’re passionate about? Something you think the industry is doing well (or not so well)? Some words of wisdom and experience? Whether you’re an industry professional, writer or student, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can take a look at our prompt list here for some inspiration if you want some suggestions:

We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Lachlan (Publishing Blog Editor)

Book Reviews

The book reviews team promotes new and exciting voices – from Liane Moriarty to Yumiko Kadota. Alongside these fabulous authors, we love hearing your voice; what inspires you, what moves you.

We hope to create a community of book lovers wanting to promote Australian voices, which is why we are looking for new reviews! Please have a look at our guidelines and list below of suggested titles/authors.

Of course, if you are just bursting to talk about the book you just read, feel free to pitch to us!

If you are interested in reviewing a text below, or have a suggestion for us, please send your pitches (and any questions) to website@grattanstreetpress.com

We can’t wait for all of your fabulous recommendations,

Carla (Book Review Editor)

The MZ Blog

Welcome to The MZ! The space all about the Millennials and Gen Z experience. As GSP is a teaching press, we feel it is an amazing opportunity to support emerging writers as they explore the uniqueness of their lives.

Voice your quirks, fears, dreams—we’re here to listen. If you’re eager to talk about cultural differences, the simply niche, or social activism, you’ve come to the right place!

Not sure what to write?

Have a look at our content list, it has all the topics we would love to hear about.

Find a topic you love isn’t on our list, then reach out at MZ@grattanstreetpress.com. Pitch to us why your story needs to be heard.

We look forward to what you have to say,

Joanna & Lochlainn (MZ Editors)


Whether you remember when the internet entered our lives or learned how to use an iPad before you could read, we would love to hear from you: what you find inspiring, interesting, troubling, frustrating, thrilling.

Your piece must be between 500-1500words.

Grattan Street Press accepts both non-fiction and fiction submissions for consideration.