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The Grattan Street Press publishing blog is the home for writing about our publishing press and the wider industry at large. We created this space to discuss trends, news and issues to foster a community amongst writers, professionals and enthusiasts alike. The publishing blog includes everything from interviews with new authors, to short fiction, to the shifting trends in publishing.

For ideas of what to write on, see our content list here:

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MZ is the home for writing by and for Millennials and Generation Z, two generations known for our digital fluency and determination.

We came of age during a time of economic uncertainty and technological innovation. As adults, we have come into a world faced by a climate in crisis, deep inequality across race, sexuality and gender, a widespread struggle with mental health, and now, a global pandemic.

MZ is a space for us, where we can discuss and explore our experiences. We are here to celebrate our diversity, creativity, and drive. We are here to listen to each other’s fears and hopes for the future. We are here to learn from each other, in both the political and the personal.

We are by and for Millennials and Generation Z. We want to hear your hot takes, shower thoughts and stories.

Not sure what to write?

We’ve got a rather extensive content list for you to peruse and get inspiration from. Here’s a sneak peek into what we’re after:

  1. Cracking the Spine: Hot takes on any topic that is currently trending or relevant
  2. Down the rabbit hole: Interesting or unusual phobias, hobbies, or Wikipedia pages you spent hours going traversing through – the more niche the better
  3. Is there ethical consumerism in capitalism? Is thrifting to resell taking away clothes from those whose main source of clothing is op shops? Or are the “vintage” resellers making thrifting quality clothes in general almost impossible?
  4. Thoughts on wellness culture and can you good vibrations your way into a better life?
  5. Racism in the AFL – what does it mean as a nation when our national sport has deep institutional racism?
  6. What does a post-capitalist society look like to you?
  7. If Elon Musk makes it to Mars, what would his colony look like? What kind of society would it be?
  8. Write a story in first person collective (we/us)

Find the rest of our extensive content list here:

And if you just wanna say hey or pitch something first: MZ@grattanstresspress.com

We look forward to what you’ve got to say!

Austin & Xuan


Whether you remember when the internet entered our lives or learned how to use an iPad before you could read, we would love to hear from you: what you find inspiring, interesting, troubling, frustrating, thrilling.

Your piece must be between 500-2000 words.

Grattan Street Press accepts both non-fiction and fiction submissions for consideration.