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The Publishing Blog

The GSP Publishing Blog is the home of all things related to the publishing industry. The blog covers a wide range of issues and opinions in the publishing sphere – if involves anything related to books or publishing, this is the place for it.

Is there an issue you’re passionate about? Something you think the industry is doing well (or not so well)? Some words of wisdom and experience? Whether you’re an industry professional, writer or student, we’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences.

You can take a look at our prompt list here for some inspiration if you want some suggestions:

If you’re looking for something different, we also publish book reviews and short creative pieces (excluding poetry)!

Book Reviews

For specific information about book reviews, please see the following document:

UPDATE: We’ve been so grateful for the amazing response to our callout for book reviewers this semester. Thank you so much to everyone who sent a pitch! Due to the volume of submissions we’re working on, we’ve decided to close book review submissions for the rest of this semester. We’ll be opening them again next semester though, so sit tight and have a look at our guidelines and book list in the meantime to get yourself ready for 2022! 

If none of the prompts spark your interest or you have something else in mind, you can contact us at editorial@grattanstreetpress.com.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Katherine & Lily

The MZ Blog

MZ is the home for writing by and for Millennials and Gen Z. This is a space for us to discuss, explore and celebrate our experiences, the diversity and the uniqueness of what makes us stand out from everybody else.

Voice out your fears, your quirks, your dreams. We’re here to listen and give you a voice so that you’re able to speak up about the problems we know the world is facing right now. If you’re eager to talk about social activism, cultural differences, or just simply about a niche topic you’ve become weirdly obsessed about, this is the place for you.

Not sure what to write?

Have a peek at our content list to see what sort of topics we’d love to hear about. This semester, we’re mostly looking for non-fiction pieces as the book we’re publishing IS a flash fiction compilation, but if you feel like your piece is relevant and interesting, send it through.

Have a look here for some ideas:

And if you just wanna say hey or pitch something first: MZ@grattanstresspress.com

We look forward to what you’ve got to say!

Claryss & Lily


Whether you remember when the internet entered our lives or learned how to use an iPad before you could read, we would love to hear from you: what you find inspiring, interesting, troubling, frustrating, thrilling.

Your piece must be between 500-2000 words.

Grattan Street Press accepts both non-fiction and fiction submissions for consideration.