A chat with Welcome to Bellevue author Seth Robinson

Seth Robinson’s fantasy-action adventure book Welcome to Bellevue is out now on Kobo and other good ebook stores! Grab your copy now.

We sat down with Seth to shoot a video interview in which he takes us through his inspiration for Bellevue, his travels, his life before becoming a writer, and his advice for aspiring authors.

Welcome to Bellevue’s cover art has been released!

GSP’s production and design editors Chris and Anna presented an array of brilliant concept art for the cover of Seth Robinson’s upcoming novel Welcome to Bellevue. After a lot of discussion, we’re very excited to share with you the final cover, designed by Stevie Troy.

Welcome to Bellevue‘s release is just around the corner and will be available as an ebook from the next week, but until then you can take a look a new excerpt from chapter two of the novel.

Working in the library with David McVey

These days, I find myself working in libraries more and more; perhaps one day I’ll be carried out of a library clinging to a desk when some philistine councillors try closing it.

David McVey, lecturer at New College Lanarkshire in Scotland, is a frequent visitor of libraries. This week David has shared with us his thoughts on the endurance of libraries and the role they play in the modern world.

Welcome to Bellevue’s publication date is just around the corner!

Seth Robinson and our editorial team are putting the finishing touches on Seth’s upcoming ebook, the psychological mystery Welcome to Bellevue. We’re excited to be able to give readers some new information about Welcome to Bellevue and Seth’s thoughts on writing and the inspiration behind his work.

From bad romance to good: A look at self-publishing and romance ebooks

Isla Sutherland of Grattan Street Press’s editorial team brings us an insight into the world of self-publishing ebooks. She had a chat with romance author Gabrielle Ashton, and we’re thrilled to be able to share with you her experiences with self-publishing and news about her Holding Out series of romance novels.

Using creativity, connectivity and Kickstarter to crowdfund book publishing

Photo of person working on a laptop

‘The culture versus commerce debate has plagued book publishing for long enough. Publishing is cultural institution. It’s also a business.’

Claire Parnell of the University of Melbourne has shared with us her insights into Kickstarter and its relationship with the publishing industry.

Q&A with our submissions officers

Our submissions officers Avery and Tara are on the prowl for new manuscripts for Grattan Street Press! We had a chat to Avery and Tara to find out more about the submissions process and what they look for when considering a new submission.

Ten lessons from Digital Book World 2019

Nashville, Tennessee

Last week, Grattan Street Press’s publisher, Sybil Nolan, travelled to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Digital Book World 2019. Here are ten quick lessons she gleaned from the presentations.

Interview with Lizz Kuiper and an excerpt from Little Stones

Elizabeth Kuiper

We had the opportunity to catch up with Lizz Kuiper to chat about her debut novel Little Stones and get an insight into her experience getting published, the intricacies of writing from the perspective of a young person, and what advice she would give aspiring authors.

Click here to take a look at the interview and get an exclusive excerpt from Little Stones.

What’s next at Grattan Street Press?

Seth Robinson talking to the Grattan Street Press team
Our team meeting with author Seth Robinson to discuss him upcoming book Welcome to Bellevue.

Things are getting busy at Grattan Street Press! Check out what our different teams have been up to as we get prepared for our upcoming publications.

A glimpse at an excerpt from Uncontained: Digital Disconnection and the Experience of Time

Here’s your chance to browse our new release, Uncontained: Digital Disconnection and the Experience of Time, by the University of Melbourne’s Robert Hassan. Hassan takes readers along with him on a five-week voyage in which he travelled, isolated and unaccompanied, via sea from Melbourne to Singapore without any use of technology as he explores the implications of digital connectivity.

Check out Chapter 1 of The Observatory

There was a sign at the end, pale blue, almost invisible in the fog. One of those kitschy arched signs they always have in little seaside burgs. The script was in red and white cursive, so it came floating out of the ether: Welcome to Bellevue – where the mountains meet the sea.

Seth Robinson’s The Observatory

From Seth Robinson, a university of Melbourne alumnus with a love for the spooky, surreal and magical, comes his debut novel The Observatory, set for e-book release to the Grattan Street Press web store later this year. Head over to the blog for a sneak preview of this adventurous and suspenseful tale.

Uncontained Releases Soon

Uncontained releases soon.

Have you ever wanted to step back from the pressures of the digital? If given the opportunity, would you be prepared to disconnect from technology entirely? 

In his new book, the University of Melbourne’s Robert Hassan describes his journey away from the online space to find himself on a personal adventure across the sea. Leaving his phone behind, he sets sail with only his memories, and the constant reminders of time, to guide him.

The Grattan team are thrilled to finally reveal the striking new cover for ‘Uncontained’ – crafted by our own design wizard Julian Spiller. With the release on the 1st of June fast approaching, everyone at GSP is looking forward to sharing this book with you soon.

Fitzroy Writers Festival was a Success!

Sign outside the Fitzroy Writers Festival entrance
Fitzroy Writers Festival Entrance.

The Grattan Street Press joined a plethora of publishers, small presses and booksellers over the weekend to join the inaugural Fitzroy Writers Festival. GSP’s stall was lucky enough to be placed at the front of the hall in the festival’s bookseller’s marketplace, where visitors of the festival could see our excited team selling books and hearing pitches from emerging writers.

GSP thoroughly enjoyed connecting with Yarra Libraries, as well as the other publishers, presses and booksellers from around Melbourne.

GSP is Heading to the Fitzroy Writers Festival!

We are excited to be participating in the first ever Fitzroy Writers Festival. Find us this Saturday 6 April at our big blue marquee, and check our lineup of exciting new books. Or take a turn in the hot-seat and pitch our tent. Get excited with us as GSP interviews Sam Boivin, festival creator, to get the inside scoop (and hear more about the free book giveaways).

Celebrate the craft of the written word with free workshops, panel discussions and Q&A sessions. There’ll be food available and activities for kids, plus pop-up performances and appearances throughout the day.


GSP is Back for Another Exciting Year!

The Grattan Street Press team are excited to be back and creating new content in 2019! We have a lot of exciting projects coming up that we are sure you will enjoy as much as we do.

This year GSP will have the pleasure of publishing an innovative work of nonfiction by Robert Hassan about the impact of digital technology on our lives and memories, and a collection of short stories, commissioned for the Grattan Street Shorts series and written by GSP alumnus Sam Mansell.

We’re also happy to announce that you’ll be seeing some of the GSP team at the Fitzroy Writers Festival this year, strutting our stuff, meeting authors and contributors, and joining in the celebration of the written word.

Additionally, the website team have some exciting ideas planned for the Grattan Street Press website, it’s blog, the Millennials Project and more.

Watch this space for some new content and refurbishments coming in 2019! Feel free to contact us at website@grattanstreetpress.com

Your website team,

Ella, Meg, and Tas

Announcing Inside Story: The First Ten Years

Inside Story: The FIrst Ten Years book cover, edited by Peter Browne
Inside Story Cover.

Grattan Street Press is very excited to announce that our latest book goes on sale next week (1 November). Inside Story: The First Ten Years is a collection of journalism, academic insights and cultural commentary from one of Australia’s best online magazines.

Ten years ago, as the global financial crisis tightened its grip and Barack Obama neared the end of his first successful presidential campaign, insidestory.org.au was launched. Kevin Rudd was prime minister, the iPhone was still a novelty, and Donald Trump was still hosting The Apprentice.

From the deepening recession and the Victorian bushfires to the Trump presidency and the end of Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership, the decade since has been tumultuous and often bewildering. While the media has scrambled for news and opinion, Inside Story’s contributors have stepped outside the news cycle, helping readers make sense of dramatic changes in politics, society and culture.

Inside Story: The First Ten Years features a selection of their essays, commentaries and reviews. Here is wise, incisive, and often very entertaining writing from the likes of Frank Bongiorno, Sophie Black, Judith Brett, Bronwyn Carlson, Tim Colebatch, Sara Dowse, Andrew Dodd, Andrew Ford, Tom Griffiths, Jack Latimore, Andrew Leigh, Shane Maloney, Peter Mares, Drusilla Modjeska, John Quiggin, Matthew Ricketson, Margaret Simons, Rodney Tiffen, Maria Tumarkin and many more.

At 408 pages and RRP $29.99, it also represents great summer holiday reading. Find out more in the interview with Inside Story’s editor, Peter Browne, in our blog.

Presenting Something to be Tiptoed Around

Something to be Tiptoed Around by Emma Marie Jones book cover.

Don’t miss out on another recent release from GSP that’s also got people talking. Something To Be Tiptoed Around, a work of experimental memoir by Emma Marie Jones. Farrago‘s Abigail Fisher says: “Her writing is haunted, but it is also alive, young, electric, reinvigorating the legacies it invokes.”

If you want to read more about Emma and her book there’s a Q and A with her in our blog.

Melbourne Writers Festival 2018: Get Published

Sybil Nolan, Claire G Coleman, Robert J Watkins and Emma Marie Jones in session at Industry Insights: Get Published! 31 August 2018

Photo by Gladys Qin

Something To Be Tiptoed Around Book Launch

Maria Tumarkin and author Emma Marie Jones at the launch of Something To Be Tiptoed Around 16August 2018

Photo by Janice Lieng

Meet the grattanstreetpress.com Editors

As a teaching press, both our website editor, Samantha Mansell, and our Millennial’s editor, Lucy Mackey, are in their final semester of the Master of Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing.

Passionate about the publishing industry and keen to learn, building off the students who have come before they are excited to add their own flare to the website and blogs. As part of this they want to emphasise the student element of Grattan Street, by having more blog posts from others on the Press talking about what it’s like to have this opportunity to learn and grow, taking the skills they have learnt in their masters and putting them into practice.

They also, both having a passion for it, would love to publish more fiction to the blogs, creating a platform for their creative writing peers.

When not slaving away on WordPress or bent over a piece with a red marker, Samantha enjoys creating fictional worlds full of plot holes she can never mend and eating an inordinate amount of Nutella. Lucy likes cooking up cupcakes, and worlds that will kill you.