Things are getting busy at Grattan Street Press as our teams tackle hefty to-do lists.

Our Editorial Team

Our editorial team is busy in collaboration with first-time author Seth Robinson to publish his novel, a spec-fic mystery, with the working title The Observatory.

Our editors, Rebecca, Jacqueline, Thomas, Samantha, Isla and Robbie, have been given the huge but exciting job of getting the manuscript ready to be published. The manuscript is over 90,000 words and has been divided up among our talented copy editors for initial styling, while Rebecca, Jacqueline and our managing editor Aaron finalise the structural edit with Seth.

Our E-book Production

While it’s still the early days of the editing process, our ebook editor Robbie has the time-intensive job of coding Seth’s novel in HTML. Robbie is busy working with the editorial team to transform the manuscript from text to a fully-fledged ebook.

Our Production and Design Team

Our production and design experts Anna and Chris have been busy grappling with GSP’s templates and familiarising themselves with the press’s production workflow. They’ve been working closely with the editorial team and joining their weekly meetings to find the look and feel that’s perfect for Seth’s book.

Our Sales and Marketing Team

Roshni, Vidisha and Michaela from our Sales and Marketing team have been doing an outstanding job getting the word about our latest book, Robert Hassan’s Uncontained. It’s now available from the Sun Bookshop, the first time this shop will carry our books, and more bookshops in Melbourne are coming aboard soon.

Meanwhile, the book has been praised by The Age’s reviewer Steven Carroll.

Our Social Media and the M Project

Our gorgeous Instagram posts and exciting giveaways have all been thanks to our Social Media Manager Aydée, who has been busy getting the word out about Robert’s and Seth’s books via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. M Project editor Amelia has been hard at work preparing some great pieces for the M Project blog, and is always looking to receive new submissions that offer insight into the lives of Millennials.

Our Submissions Team

Avery and Tara, our submissions officers and commissioning editors, are currently working their way through a stack of submissions: manuscripts, GSP blog submissions and M Project submissions.

We take submissions on all topics and are always looking for submissions for the main GSP blog, which focuses on issues within publishing industry and the literary community, and the M Project, a blog dedicated to posts that shine a light on experiences and issues affecting Millennials in 2019.

Get in touch!

Do you want some feedback on your stories or articles? We publish promising work in progress on these blogs.

Are you staging a writer’s workshop or literary event? Avery and Tara are happy to appear to talk about GSP’s work and the sort of work we publish. Until then we’re loving receiving your submissions through Submittable and are always excited to receive the work of new writers!

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